Did you know that the most commonly used cleaning product by most cleaning companies is plain old vinegar? Promoted as ‘natural’, vinegar is used because it’s cheap. But, it’s actually too acidic for most surfaces. Vinegar strips hardwood of its finish over time, and corrodes granite counter tops to the point of causing permanent etching.


Besides the knowledge to properly care for the surfaces in your home, which takes years of study and knowledge, regular home detailing can also extend the life of your home’s finishings. Keeping surfaces free of dust and build-up prevents mold growth, deterioration and infestations down the road.


Glow Cleaning uses high-end neutral floor cleaning products specifically formulated for wood floors and natural stone, as well as proven biodegradable, neutral cleaning products which are created specifically to maintain your health by killing the strongest viruses and bacteria, while protecting the surfaces of your home.


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