Are you looking for a way out of retail or the stressful restaurant industry? Does part-time employment with the opportunity to turn into full-time career and a potential leadership position sound good to you? We aren’t just another cleaning company. We are a growing locally-owned cleaning company getting tons of work and we pay well for the right person! No cleaning experience necessary! We provide extensive training including biohazard remediation and detailing skills you just can’t get anywhere else. Our Cleaning Technicians love their careers and you can too.


• offer excellent, hands-on, paid training (no cleaning experience necessary!).
• provide top of the line equipment and eco-friendly products.
•  provide a company vehicle to get to jobs – you don’t have to use your own car.
• have a fun, supportive atmosphere with stable and effective management.
• are independently owned and family operated.
• live by the “your-thoughts-and-ideas-matter-here”, non-corporate approach to doing business.
• pay our employees premium hourly wages without the expenses and liabilities of being an independent contractor.
• offer company events and volunteering opportunities.


Fantastic Pay…
• Premium wages and fast pay raises for great work.
• Weekly pay by direct deposit.
• Non-taxable bonus system.
• Work your way up our fast-growing company to team lead or area manager.
• Tough job bonuses.
• 5% commission for referrals.
• Extended medical coverage for full-time employees.


• are available to work from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday.
• have a way to get to work and a valid driver’s license.
• are comfortable driving to 4-5 client homes per day and working independently most of the time, as well as in teams.
• can provide a smiling face and cheerful attitude even for the toughest jobs.
• are by nature efficient, organized, detailed, focused and proactive.
• honestly enjoy cleaning and can handle the physical effort.
• can speak, read, and write English proficiently.
• are able to provide 2-3 professional references.
• have a history of staying with a job for a year or longer.
• can pass a nationwide background check.


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