How We Work – the Glow Difference

The first thing we do is make sure you, your building, your home and your pets are safe! We greet your animals by name, we make sure they are comfortable, and then we lock the door behind us. We put on shoe covers that protect your home or office from outside contamination. We keep your key or key code information under SSL protection just like your financial information would be, and your key is kept under surveillance.

Our cleaners put on knee pads because we wash many floor areas by hand, including all small bathrooms. Even in commercial washrooms we disinfect floor areas around toilets and urinals by hand.

We have spent literally thousands of hours researching and learning the proper recognition and care of hundreds of surface materials that are present in hundreds of unique homes. This example kitchen contains travertine tile, granite, unsealed wood, glass, stainless steel and porcelain tile. Natural stones like granite and travertine require special pH-neutral cleaners, and many of these surfaces are susceptible to etching. While we stay true to being eco-friendly, so-called ‘natural’ cleaners used by many cleaning companies (like vinegar and baking soda mixed with essential oils) can seriously damage these surfaces over time.

Our detailed standardized processes ensure that we do a great job, every time. This process can be custom-tailored for tough jobs like medical clinic cleaning and includes in-depth knowledge of proper sanitization and disposal of hazardous waste. Long story short – we know how to do it right and our professional systems guarantee that we will. We stand by our work and we want to make sure you are delighted.

One big reason our processes are so successful is because we have the best equipment. We have the right tools for the job, including HEPA vacuums, our strong but pH-neutral eco-friendly cleaning products, and our commercial-grade steam cleaning machines. We bring our own supplies and you never have to worry about stocking your own cleaners again.

Hands down, the BEST thing about Glow is our people! We have the most amazing, friendliest, most trustworthy staff and they earn more than any other cleaners in our area, by far. They go through rigorous training and those that graduate must also pass national background checks and complete weeks of thorough quality checks.

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