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Nadia Cauvin
Nadia Cauvin
We have been using Glow Cleaners for a few months now. Always happy with their work and communication. They are very thorough and punctual. Would highly recommend.read more
Nuch Chanthasirichot
Nuch Chanthasirichot
Used their service for the first time last week. They did a very good job, very professional and easy to work with. I would recommend their service to anyone!read more
Michele Schoenicke Novecosky
Michele Schoenicke Novecosky
Have been using Glow cleaning for the last 3months and they have done an excellent job and I would recommend them highly! They just did our outdoor decks and furniture everything looks fantastic!read more
Kirsten Soder
Kirsten Soder
So happy to have found a reliable, GREAT cleaning company in CR. We've tried a few and we’d pretty much sworn off the idea altogether- it was expensive and half-ass. Trying Glow was meant to be a one-off due to an injury preventing me from keeping on top of things, but we’re sticking with them - this is legit improving our family’s quality of life. The quality of the clean is excellent, great value, and they are so friendly and professional. Highly recommend.read more
Diana Stevan
Diana Stevan
Great job! Punctual and thorough. Appreciated the cleaners’ nice manner. Lovely company to deal with.
Sandy Germyn
Sandy Germyn
Glow cleaning came to our home at a time when my husband and I were recovering from a difficult illness. the Glow team breezed in like a whirlwind leaving behind a spotless house with gleaming, floors, windows counters,bathrooms.....everything they touched. ....as if by magic. they were very professional and efficient. there was no lingering odor of harsh Chemicals or cleaning products, just clean and fresh. We will continue to use Glow going forward on a permanent basis.read more
Debbie Harris Kroot
Debbie Harris Kroot
Were very happy and will use again
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Kim berly
Kim berly
20:32 17 Sep 19
Punctual, professional & house looks amazing.
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Hoarding & Biohazard Remediation

Hoarding is the popular word for Challenging or Chronic Disorganization, and describes a situation in which a person has created an unsafe living condition in their home through collecting too much stuff or simply not cleaning. We have years of experience and expert knowledge that can help:


  • Family members and loved ones who are overwhelmed
  • Municipalities who are required to enforce bylaws
  • Real estate agents and property managers who are dealing with foreclosure and eviction


The first step is a home visit in which we will assess the home using the Institute for Challenging Disorganization’s home assessment scale from 1 to 5 and evaluate the level of health hazard. The proper cleanup of feces, biohzardous materials, bacteria and the evaluation of infestations shouldn’t be left to amateurs as they pose a very real health threat.


We are also committed to providing a level of compassionate service to our clients in this area. We get to know the families involved and we care deeply about this as a mental health issue – all of our staff are thoroughly trained not only with the special skills needed to perform this kind of cleaning, but also in helping families feel that we are their partners in building a healthy future, without any stigma.


Our services include:

  • Removal of all biohazardous waste
  • Removal of all garbage
  • Removal of all contaminated items
  • Sorting and donation of belongings
  • Organization of remaining items
  • Disinfection of surfaces
  • Proper disinfection of flooring materials with as little property damage as possible
  • Thorough dusting of all items
  • Cleaning exterior and interior of large appliances
  • Cleaning cabinet fronts and interiors
  • Mold remediation
  • Coordination of bin delivery and removal
  • Coordination with pest control
  • Yard area cleanup


Our services are unique in that we work with families to help create a lasting clean. We do our best to avoid ‘sweep out’ cleaning – this is when a municipality enforces the cleanup and the residents are forced to have all belongings dumped indiscriminately so that the room can simply be ‘swept out’. By hiring us before it gets to that point, we can restore the home to it’s healthy, clean state which helps deter recidivism (returning to old habits). We also require residents to participate in at least three monthly visits with our cleaning technicians, and we provide a complete home cleaning kit at no charge. 

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