Home Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of cleaners do you use?

We use only eco-friendly and septic-safe products by default for residential clients . For tougher grime, we ask our clients for permission to pull out the heavy-duty cleaners, on a one-time or as-needed basis. By providing our own quality supplies, we eliminate this burden for our clients and are certain to have the right products for the job. Have allergies? We offer powerful HEPA vacuum filtration, and we offer a chemical-free disinfection service using high-temperature steam cleaning.


What payment methods do you take?

Once your job is done you will receive an invoice via email with your total. The email will contain links to two payment options, credit card and Paypal. Unfortunately, we do not accept Interac, cash or cheques.


Credit Card: You can access our Client Hub to pay your invoice and add a card to your account. This is stored securely by Stripe as a third party and none of our staff has access to it.


Bank Account and Paypal: http://paypal.me/glowclean


Clients who are consistently late or forgetful (we know life happens!) will be required to add a credit card to their account in order to be automatically charged. Commercial clients are invoiced via a separate system tailored for commercial clients and have 30 days to pay.


What kinds of background checks and training do you have?

We have over 18 years of experience and a spotless background. The owner’s background check is available for you to view at your request. We hire very carefully to select only the best applicants whose work history shows strong customer service and longevity. They must wow us at every stage of the hiring process: in-depth application and interview, nationwide criminal background check, and multiple reference checks. Each team member passes tests on products, techniques and safety before entering the field.


I want to hire you on a recurring basis. How does it work?

We start by performing a one-time deep cleaning, after which you have the option to schedule a recurring service on a regular day/time with one or two default cleaners. To get started, please book online, or contact us by phone or email. A first-time clean is how we get to know your home and your estimate is our best guess based on the average home of your size. Your flat rate may be a bit more OR less if it strongly deviates from the average. We’ll take it from there!


When will you arrive?

Our residential hours are Monday through Friday. Appointment times start at 8:00 AM and our last appointment of the day starts as late as 3:00 PM for residential clients. Commercial clients can request hours outside of normal business hours. It’s important to note that we operate on booking windows. We work hard to arrive around the time of your appointment, but because we stay at our jobs until they are finished (rather than hourly), we can’t guarantee our exact arrival time. We provide you with an arrival window (i.e., between 10am & 12pm), but due to a number of variables, we can’t guarantee we will arrive at the window time. We can text you 30 minutes before we will be arriving at your appointment, but we recommend recurring clients provide us with a key or code.


How do you know what I need to be done?

We may email or call to confirm your booking before our first visit. A Whole Home Cleaning covers our standard tasks list, and you can request additional services such as maid services and deep cleaning. The same goes for our commercial clients – we create a customized task list for each janitorial job. We also offer an Itemized Cleaning service which allows you to create your own custom clean, but please note that recurring clients are encouraged to limit the number of changes to their custom list. This helps our cleaners create a deeper, higher-quality clean over time. The first appointment will take longer as we get your home or business up to our standard of clean, and will require more tasks. Recurring clients may add requested tasks from time to time without extra charges if they fit into our schedule.


I’ve never had a cleaner. What are the social rules?

Give us feedback. Everyone wants a clean home, but you might be surprised by how widely that vision varies between customers. Please communicate often. You are always encouraged to double check our work – meticulously, even! Please kindly wait until we’ve finished and double-checked it first. Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated. Typical gratuity ranges anywhere from $5-$30 per cleaner, and can be added via cash or Interac eTransfer to hello@glowcleaning.ca with a note.

It’s also customary to please pick things up off the floor and declutter counters and surfaces, within reason. This allows your cleaner to focus on the nitty-gritty dirt and grime. Dishes are considered a daily chore, so please clear your sink and counters of any dirty dishes to the best of your ability. Your cleaner will be happy to move a few dirty dishes out of the way to clean underneath. If picking up and doing dishes are part of why you’ve hired us, we’ll be happy to do those by request!


Do I need to be home or at my business when you clean?

Nope! Only if you want. Most clients prefer to leave so they can do more fun things before returning home to a sparkling clean house or office. It’s customary to provide us with a spare key or code. If you prefer, you’re more than welcome to be home, and we’ll be happy to work around you.


How do you keep my key or code safe?

Upon receiving your key, we stamp it with a randomly generated key code which makes it identifiable only to those within our company. No name, no address, no nothing. If someone outside of our company came across the key, they would have no way of knowing to whom it belonged. Similarly, we store door codes securely in your online account. The password and SSL (secure socket layer) of protection not only guards your privacy, but also keeps the codes much safer than if they were written on paper with your address. Our highly-trusted Team Leads have access to your code through a secure online app only and if our cleaners leave our company their access to the app is revoked. We also store your key under surveillance with a key log so we know when someone has checked it in or out.


What happens if I forget and you can’t get in?

We send out automated reminder emails 3 days before your appointment and a reminder text the day before. If you haven’t left us a key or key code and you aren’t home, many clients on the Island leave their door unlocked for us. Sometimes, however, you might forget. Unfortunately, because we have such a booked-up schedule, we are unable to wait for you to come home and we can’t come back later the same day. We call this situation a ‘lock-out’, and you may be subject to a 50% fee the same as our cancellation policy. Recurring clients who are repeat offenders may lose their booking spot. So, please make sure you are getting our reminders!


Is it ok that I have pets?

One of your cleaner’s favorite things about their job is getting to meet the furry members of your family! Our cleaners are ALWAYS very dog-friendly and experienced. When you sign up for service, we’ll ask about your pets, so we can be prepared for the escape-artist kitty or unfriendly dog. Our non-toxic products are safe for all types of families and their pets.


What if I’m not happy with the cleaning?

Your happiness is our happiness, and we stand by our Quality Guarantee. If the job isn’t done to your satisfaction, just leave it as it is, and call or email us within 48 hours. We’ll come back and make it perfect at no charge. Glow Cleaning is the fastest-growing cleaning company in Campbell River and the Comox Valley, but we could be growing faster if we hired like most cleaning companies. Our applicants not only have to pass nationwide background checks, character interviews and have an impeccable job history, 50% of new hires don’t make it through our tough training process.


This is why it’s very important to us that you, our client, communicate with us about your cleaning and please fill out the survey emails after your bookings. Your feedback, both positive or negative, is extremely helpful in providing you with the best quality cleaning technicians possible.


What if I need to cancel?

Should you need to reschedule or cancel, please make sure to give us notice at least two full business days in advance. If less notice is given, the late fee is 50% if you reschedule for another day or if the appointment is skipped altogether.


What is the minimum number of hours I can schedule cleaning?

The difference between hourly and flat-rate pricing is that we charge by the task and not by the hour. This benefits you because we can use more time to get the job done right, instead of rushing to complete our task list. You may have only one cleaner or two, which will impact the time it takes but not the price. We don’t require home cleaning customers to book an in-person quote – we trust that you will be honest on our booking form and we appreciate additional notes. If we can’t get the job done at the standard we would like, we will communicate honestly with you to find a solution, as some surfaces or types of grime will require a little additional product or technique. Our website also has lists of our standard cleaning tasks for each type of job – if you are looking to get something done outside of our list please let us know in advance to make sure we bring the right tools for the job. A first-time clean is how we get to know your home and your estimate is our best guess based on the average home of your size. Your flat rate may be a bit more OR less if it strongly deviates from the average.  Please note that almost ALL of our other services, including deep cleans, move-out cleans, and some commercial jobs are by the hour. We will make sure we clarify this with you when you request a custom quote.


Are there any additional fees?

As of 2019 we are required by law to charge GST, which adds 5% to your fee.  There will also be a 3.5% fee on all credit card transactions. We do reserve the right to raise our base rates at any time. The only other cost you may incur is if you don’t pay your bill or cancel without enough notice – we do charge interest on late payments which is detailed below.


What happens if I don’t pay my bill?

You will receive an invoice through our booking system each time we complete a job, whether you have a one-time or recurring cleaning. If you have a credit card stored on file we will charge your card after our visit. If you do not have a card on file payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. After 5 business days of receiving your invoice, your payment is considered late and will begin to collect late payment interest of 2% per week which will be updated on your invoice. You can log into our client hub to view all of your outstanding invoices and you can also save your card so you don’t have to do it every time.


Do I have to sign a contract?

We offer one-time and recurring services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We schedule these bookings using 2-hour booking windows. We do not require that our client sign contracts with us to reserve these spots, which are usually reserved 3-6 months in advance. We do not reserve monthly spots, and we do not guarantee arrival time for recurring cleanings. We reserve the right to cancel bookings due to unforeseen circumstances which may include travel issues and illness. We work very hard to ensure that we are reliable and consistent and every cancellation will be thoroughly explained and the booking rescheduled promptly. Clients may cancel bookings at any time up to two business days in advance. Canceling less than two business days in advance will incur a fee equal to 50% of the booking cost.


What can I expect from a move-out clean?

We have a lot of experience fulfilling the standard task list of almost every landlord or new owner, which includes cleaning behind and inside the oven and fridge, spot cleaning walls and getting baseboards white again. Please make sure to get everything out of the house before we arrive, and book carpet cleaning for after we’re sure to be done. We will not walk around on a damp carpet. We also can’t guarantee the finish time, so if there is a key turnover time please let us know ahead of time.


What makes a move-out clean more expensive?

Once the furniture is gone it may seem like a move-out clean would be simple, but they aren’t. In order to appease a landlord or future homeowner, we strive to meet the standard move-out list to the best of our ability. The common trouble spots include grease around the stove, extensive wiping inside and outside of cupboards, and wall cleaning. On a budget? Tackling some of those tasks before we arrive can help save you money. But, just because we can’t guarantee your flat rate before we get there, we will guarantee it before we start. We’ll tell you upfront what it will cost so that you won’t have any surprises at the end.


Can you do outdoor areas?

We can sweep and vacuum patios, decks, rough concrete floors, unfinished basements, garages, etc. with our wet/dry shop vac. We can also clean indoor and exterior windows. We have a variety of extension poles for dusting and window washing so you might be surprised how high we can reach. Please let us know ahead of time if you need these outdoor areas done, as we need to plan ahead and bring the right equipment.  We also offer pressure washing with the best equipment available.


What about poop, blood and other nasty materials? Can you clean my medical clinic?

This includes, but is not limited to: litter boxes, pet messes, bird guano, blood, feces, urine, and overflowed toilets. Cleaning body fluids (including that of our furry friends) requires special BBP certification and training in handling of bio-hazardous materials, which we have. We have years of hospital cleaning experience. Please call and discuss with us first and removal of these materials requires an extra disposal fee and specialized tools.


What can’t you do?

  • Weight – We have a 20 lb. weight limit for safety reasons. We can move smaller items like dining table chairs, small ottomans, etc. to clean under. If you would like any heavier furniture cleaned under, you’re welcome to move it and we’ll be happy to clean under it upon request. We do slide out fridges and appliances for move-out cleans when possible.
  • Heights – We are limited to a 2 foot or shorter step stool inside the home. Safety is of the utmost importance to us. The great news is that our cobwebbing tools extend, so we’ll still be able to get most of those pesky cobwebs, except for on very high/vaulted ceilings.
  • Clutter – We will work around any higher-clutter areas to the best of our ability. Same with areas being used for storage, like underneath beds and on top of cabinets. We are always happy to customize your cleaning service, so please let our office know if you’d like these types of things removed to clean under and behind.
  • Heavy Hanging Objects – Large artwork, or heavy hanging mirrors that aren’t secured to the wall, are a couple of examples of heavy hanging objects. There is a high risk of both injury to the cleaner and breakage to the object. We’ll be happy to dust the tops of typical picture frames, etc. as usual.
  • Fine Artwork – For example, statues or paintings. The first rule of house cleaning is Do No Harm. There are professionals who specialize in cleaning artwork to keep your special treasures pristine. If you have any irreplaceable or very delicate items that you don’t want touched, just let our office know and we’ll update your account.
  • Hand Scrubbing Floors – This is something we do routinely on smaller bathroom floors during a regular cleaning, but this is physically impossible for any larger area. Our customers are very happy with their clean floors after we thoroughly vacuum and damp mop them each time.
  • Mold – We aren’t able to clean in rooms that are heavily affected by mold, or in homes with heavy mold infestations, especially black mold. This requires a mold remediation specialist.
  • Bugs – We apologize that we aren’t able to offer post-fumigation cleanings. We ask that any bug infestations or fumigation clean-ups are completed in their entirety before we enter a home.
  • Fireplaces – The soot/ash from a fireplace will damage our equipment, especially our vacuums. We can sweep out a fireplace, however, fireplace cleaning must be done by a trained fireplace specialist.
  • Chandeliers – Chandeliers require special training, tall ladders and tools to clean thoroughly and without risk of breaking. While we don’t clean them ourselves, there are some great specialty companies that would be happy to.